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Panclog #47: Another Broken Egg Cafe

Going Broke by Breakfast
Overland Park, KS

Welcome back Kotter? More like welcome back to the review team.  The boys are back to eat some breakfast. Think about it for WEEKS and then write up an award-worthy review about it.

We learned of a new breakfast spot from the classical trick of being lifted into the air when smelling a good scent and carried to the origin of it. We landed at 13386 Metcalf Avenue in Overland Park, KS.

Another Broken Egg Cafe is a chain of about 70 locations that all began in Louisiana.  You can read their story on their website.

Location/Environment: Another Broken Egg Cafe is located in the Northwest corner of Deer Creek Woods Shopping Center at 135th and Metcalf.  It did a good job of transforming this strip mall restaurant into a pseudo-Italian cafe.  The restaurant features a lot of nice light-colored wood.  It opens and warms up the room.

Service: Our service tends to be linked to how quickly our empty coffee cups become filled.  On this day, we were sadly let down with how often our we could see the bottom of the cup.  Our server was pleasant and celebrated our choices of entrees.  This always makes me feel special.

Menu/Selection: The menu is a higher end version of the typical bruncherie affair. Omelettes with lobster? Check. Salmon Avocado Toast? Check. Goat Cheese Pancakes? YEP! French Toast with Brie cheese? Of course.  Now you agree that this is an upscale menu.  You should know it comes with the upscale price.  Not in a bad way.  More of in a deserved way.  Another Broken Egg Cafe also features booze. Which seems to be the way of the brunch future.  Sadly no booze was consumed during our review.  Maybe a return is necessary.

Pumpkin Waffle (Sir Brentles)

Taking a short break from a late evening of work, from trying to get some documentation out the door, from trying to advance some development on a product that doesn’t quite exist yet, from trying to knock off a few items on my to do list before it reloads twice as long, I have opted to think about something important, Breakfast. Not exactly a wise decision given that it is a Thursday and I already have work items queued up for the weekend, but nonetheless, papa needs a moment.

If you are worried that I will not get caught up on my work tasks, there is no need. I am not sure that it is possible. Especially considering how important breakfast is to an individual’s life. Breakfast certainly tops work. Tops lunch. Tops dinner. There are few experiences that supersede breakfast when shared with the closest of friends and spread over a couple hours. Which brings us to my break this evening. I figured I would take a moment and write up a short set of paragraphs concerning a new breakfast place that your Jared discovered.

Sadly, we do not breakfast as often as we would like these days, but when a special opportunity, like a spot we have not been to before, presents itself it is time to take advantage. In this case, Jared alerted me to “Another Broken Egg Café”.

Another Broken Egg has several locations throughout the US and one recently opened in the fairest of states, Kansas. Judging from their website, the menu is pretty much the same across each location, albeit they may offer local favorites in any given location.

The Overland Park, KS location is new, clean, and has a touch of whimsy throughout. I assume this standard is present in all locations. I truly appreciated the wall art that stated, “you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy brunch and that’s basically the same thing.” Change that brunch to breakfast and you might have a life motto or the central tenet to a cult.

Per normal, after being seated we quickly ordered water and coffee, mine Black, and Jared’s with cream. With that taken care of, we eased back into our chairs and chatted. This might be my favorite moment of any Panclog breakfast, the pleasant conversation with a friend and the anticipation of a pancake, waffle, omelet, or whatever that will soon arrive.

Their coffee cups are fun to look at, resembling honey pots. I was concerned that I would get stuck in it like Winnie-the-Pooh, but, luckily, that did not occur.

It did not take long before my first cup of coffee to disappear and my readiness to order spiked. Unfortunately, our service was a tad too slow, especially considering how few patrons were there at the time.

Eventually we got our orders in and I eagerly anticipated my pumpkin waffle. The waffle was topped with a significant number of pecans, a spiced compound butter (which tasted like a cinnamon butter to me) and powdered sugar. The waffle also came with a side of eggs, scrambled, and sausage patties.

The eggs were uneventful, which is not a bad thing. The sausage patties were weird if I am being honest. They reminded me of an overly seasoned, flattened, meatball instead of sausage. I would recommend avoiding the sausage should the thought to order them crosses your mind. The waffle itself had a great flavor. The pumpkin was more of a hint rather than center stage. I could have done with fewer pecans though. The number of pecans threw off the balance of texture between the various components of the meal. That imbalance detracted from my full enjoyment of the meal, of course, it could have just been the sausage.

Pumpkin Waffle $12.99
Coffee $3.29

I would certainly go back to Broken Egg, but I would not enter the restaurant into the regular rotation.

Banana Bread French Toast (Jared)

Brie Larson won the Oscar for Best Actress in 2016.  That is important to know because 5 years before that I had Brie cheese for the first time in my life.  It was on my honeymoon in Estes Park, Colorado.  Ever since then I have been a Brie Fiend.

So yeah, you could say when I saw that the Banana Bread French Toast had Brie on it my mouth absolutely started watering.  Also one day I will conquer the Lobster and Brie omelette at Another Broken Egg Cafe.

But let us chat about everything.  The entree was delicious and beautiful. Look at it.  Look at the fruit on top that you could easily use to trick your brain that this meal is healthy.  The sides worked out for me.  My choice of protein turned out much better than Brent’s.  Although the bacon was slightly dry. It was absolutely still the fantastic smoky salty treat that bacon always is.

I’d love to know your thoughts on how coffee should be priced.  I know Brent and I have a hard time making $3+ coffee work in our noggins.  It is dirty caffeine water.  Delicious dirty caffeine water, yes.  But dirty water nonetheless.

Another Broken Egg Cafe is a nice spot with a cute esthetic.  I would absolutely come again.  Please take someone you want to impress. Show them how cute their mugs are.  Show them that they have seasonal breakfast cocktails.

Banana Bread French Toast $12.99
Coffee $3.29

My recommendation this panclog is to enjoy Bleachers’ latest song (as of publishing) “45”  Honey, I’m still on your side.

Overall: Overall, Another Broken Egg Cafe is definitely worth a try. But, it is a bit too nice for us lads and a bit too expensive for our wallets.  We will be back. Give it a go.

Brent:  B-
Jared: B+

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