Flapjacks on the 1s and 2s!

The Batter

The Backstory.

Jared and Stephen are great breakfast detectives. Their common passion: flapjacks.

We share the inherent passion for breakfast. The beginning of a new day, the first meal, perhaps the first conversation of the day. While it’s candidly overstated, breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day. The heart and soul of breakfast is the traditional pancake.  Jared, believing himself a connoisseur of pancakes, wanted to enlighten the world of the wonderful array of pancakes. Stephen, a thoroughbred french toast fiend, joined Jared on his syrup-y quest.

The Panclog acts as a constant source for all that is available when it comes to pancakes. From holes-in-the-wall to fast food to chain diners, we cover it all. We traverse the world sampling the array of pancakehood. The Panclog explores the entire “batter genre”, which includes pancakes, waffles, french toast, latkes, crepes, Monte Cristos, as well as any batter-y goodness that comes our way.

You can email The Panclog (comments, suggestions on eateries, etc.) at


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