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Whom I Would Have A Beer (drink) With – Doctors

Whom I Would Have a Beer With – Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx

We sit at home in trying times. Some of us are using this opportunity to learn a new skill, others have moved their offices into a spare bedroom or on the kitchen table, others are leading the effort to check on their extroverts. There is an extrovert in my life, and I worry about him often (stay strong Jared).

Me, I am one of those fortunate few able to continue working their normal job while quarantining at home. I am truly thankful that I can continue working through this period. If possible, I would share a beer with all those folks who are not as fortunate as me. Not sure I could afford it though given that we have pushed passed 10% of American workers filing jobless claims. My eldest son being one of them. If only Hayden was 21, I could give him the opportunity to lie to me and state that it was the first alcoholic beverage he has ever had. Father son moments are so precious.

Ridiculously enough, my employer ensured that I was labeled an essential employee, just in case one of the servers that hosts software for one of our customers needs a swift kick in the pants. I assume being labeled essential means I can go wherever I want and driving as fast as I want with impunity. At least that is my plan to tell the police offer when she or he pulls me over:

“Yes officer. I was driving recklessly and significantly over the speed limit. I also realize this is a school zone with a church next door, but I don’t think that counts given that all the buildings are closed, and no students or parishioners are present. Look, I have a note, it says I am essential. So, I will just be on my way. Good day.”

I do have a friend who is also an essential worker. She is a nurse at one of our local hospitals and has a clear view of the frontlines in our area. She also happens to be the mother of two great kids and the spouse of one of my favorite breakfast buddies. I would be honored to share a beer with her when all this blows over. Although I am not sure she is a fan. We could instead grab a glass of wine, a cup of froufrou coffee, or some flavorful cocktail, where she can tell me all the ways I am not properly managing my health. She is very good at that. Heck, we could even go for a glass of tea. Although she would have to allow her husband to come out and play with me so that he and I could enjoy something much tastier than tea. She, like every other essential worker, is doing the Lord’s work.

However, the essential theme of this Panclog feature is to open an invitation to someone whom you do not know. To date we have focused mainly on celebrities, authors, musicians, and baseball players. Given our current crisis, I figured it was time to open an invitation to America’s doctors: Dr. Deborah Birx and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Dr. Birx has served our nation for many years. Beginning her career as a physician in the US Army, she moved on to researching vaccines and immunology specifically related to HIV/AIDS. She still serves as the Global AIDS coordinator since 2014 when she was appointed to the post by President Obama. On top of this work she was also appointed as a member of the US’s coronavirus task force.

Dr. Birx has worked in the field for more than 30 years relying on data and science to guide actions and decision making. She, along with her counterpart, Dr. Fauci provide the most important voices in the American people’s response to Covid-19.

Speaking of Dr. Fauci I would like to invite him to come on over as well. He too has spent his entire career serving the public, over what would have certainly been a more lucrative career in the private sector. It is an honorable choice to put public service above personal gain. The decisions and guidance in both doctors’ public service careers have saved a multitude of lives. They have helped advance medicine and made our nation/world a better place to be.

I would recommend a beer to share with America’s doctors, however, I feel they might like something stronger. I imagine that it is extremely difficult seeing the numbers tick up every day, knowing that each singular increment represents a person. For these two folks, I would like to share the Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey from Union Horse Distilling Company. This is a 92-proof whiskey so add a little water to your tumbler to soften the bite. This whiskey is quite flavorful and a pleasure to drink. It is a terrific pair to sitting in the cool afternoon sun this time of year while you consume your favorite book.


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