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Panclog #46: Flapjacks ‘N More

Flipping Flaps with Jacks
Overland Park, KS



Great day to all you breakfast buddies, French toast fiends, and pancake pals. We, here at panclog, are all students at heart. Students are due a summer vacation. Now the summer is over and panclog is back!

This edition of panclog art revolves around the newest bruncherie in Kansas City, Flapjacks ‘N More.  It may seem a bit familiar to you, because this location was just months ago, Jerry’s Original Café. You must be asking yourself why that all sounds familiar. It is probably due to your reading of the award-winning review we left of Original Café. Is our review the reason that Original Café closed? I don’t know. But sadly I haved heard rumblings of a supposed “Panclog Curse.” This dreaded rumor definitely deserves its own post to commemorate the fallen breakfast spots.

Flapjacks ‘N More is located at 119th Street and Metcalf Avenue in Overland Park, KS.  They are open from 7 AM to 2:30 PM daily.


Location/Environment: Flapjacks ‘N More is located inside the old Original Café. You can still recognize that Freebirds was once a tenant in the same space.  From the front door’s motorcycle handle to the long buffet countertop, the ghost of that delicious burrito spot still haunts. What used to be a soda and sauce bar has been turned into a high top table.  The table set up is neither a flaw nor feature of the space.

Service: Our server was terrific. He brought a funny, affable attitude that made us feel at home quickly. We do like a server that is willing to chat a bit but does not overwhelm you. There is a delicate balance and he accomplished it well.

Menu/Selection: The menu is fairly simple when it comes to the carb-dedicated breakfast spots.  It was surprisingly short of extreme types of pancakes, waffles, French toast.  The basics are covered. It must be pointed out that they have bagel’s with Lox.  So that’s pretty cool.  More restaurants in KC should have lox.  It’s too tasty to ignore. Let’s chat about what we ate.

2 Eggs with Sausage Links + Pancakes (Brently)

If you have read our prior Panclog about the “Original Café” then you know that this location used to be a Freebirds burrito shop. While Flapjacks got rid of most of the Freebirds décor, it still has that ridiculous door handle, it retains the same basic layout of both prior restaurants. The dining area is a large open rectangle with tables arranged moderately tight throughout the floor. The arrangement while not uncomfortable; in a packed house, I am sure you will hear your neighbor’s conversation.

There is still a long glass shielded countertop that separates the dining area from the back kitchen. I assume this design element is too hard to get rid of or change at the moment, but it does kind of distract from the experience. It gives the feel that Flapjacks does not quite belong in the space. I hope in the future they can turn it into more of a diner countertop or a place to serve a brunch or buffet. Fewer words are more exciting than “breakfast buffet” now that I think about it.

The menu is refreshingly short. I am glad to finally land on a place that does not overwhelm you with options, especially considering, most breakfast places offer different menu items that are just variations on a theme. In my case I opted for the 2 eggs with meat: bacon, ham off the bone, sausage links, sausage patties, or chorizo. The meal also comes with 2 pancakes, and a choice of hash browns, fresh fruit, or cottage cheese. I really branched out this time and had scrambled eggs, sausage links, and, after a quick safety check for pineapple, fresh fruit. And of course, a steaming cup of joe.

The coffee was satisfying but not overly special. Meaning it hit the spot in the same way Folgers does. The coffee does not delight, nor does it disappoint. The eggs were essentially unseasoned, not a bad thing, but you will want to add some salt and pepper at a minimum before consumption. The fruit was okay, given the melons offered I preferred them in this order watermelon, cantaloupe, then honeydew. Speaking of which, that order of melons applies to life in general (insert your own NSFW joke hear you heathens).

The sausage links, when they were delivered gave me a moment of pause. The casings were kind of rumpled and torn. Most sausage links come in the artificial casing now and the condition these were in made me suspect they were real casings. I cannot say for sure if they were or were not intestines, but if you have a hang up about that you might want to go with the patties instead. Thinking about it makes me nostalgic for when I was a young boy washing and stuffing cases whilst I worked at the butcher shop. Is there the potential for another NSFW joke there?

When a restaurant is named Flapjacks what you really care about is the state of their pancakes and not anything else. Sadly, I went in with super high expectations of light, thick, fluffy, sturdy, astounding, amazing, remarkable pancakes that are mind-bendingly unique but, they were just pancakes. Good yes. Worthy of note, no. A little more butter should have been offered and a little more leavening would have gone a long way in helping these critters. I did smear on some multi-berry jelly to help the cause of course. Did I enjoy the cakes, sure, but I was hoping for so much more

Peanut Butter Flapjacks with Bacon (Jared)


Flapjacks may very well be the best iteration of the word pancake.  My power rankings of synonyms would have to be:

  1. Flapjacks
  2. Griddlecakes
  3. Pancakes
  4. Hotcakes
  5. flat waffles

This list must show you how excited I was when I heard of a new spot called Flapjacks ‘N More. I was ecstatic.  I was grinding my teeth in anticipation.  Thankfully I was able to check on the status of this place fairly often due to how close it is to my work.

Let’s chat about these cakes I got.  The peanut butter pancakes were tasty.  Not quite plate sized pancakes. But I loved the application of the peanut butter sauce.  Some places just slather on a glop of peanut butter on the top.  This was better than that.  Wanna know the best way to do it?  Peanut Butter chips in the batter! Then you have the melty texture from the cooking process.  Try it, you’ll like it.  The cakes were too thick that they got chewy.  The only downfall was their non-ginormous size.

The bacon was nice and crispy.  It was beautiful in all of its bacon glory.  I think it could have been seasoned a little heavier. But I would never turn my nose up at these thick slices.

Peanut butter flapjacks: $7.25
Side of Bacon: $3.95
Coffee: $2.35

I think Flapjacks ‘N More is a solid spot that has some high upside.  It is fairly priced and will absolutely be visited again but will most likely not be added to the heavy rotation

My recommendation of the ‘clog is the incredible song All We Ever Knew by The Head and The Heart.  This song is one of the only things that made my twins fall asleep in the first year of their lives.

Overall: Overall, Flapjacks and More is worthy of a visit. If someone offered to go there, I would join without a second thought. Unfortunately, they do not rise to the regular rotation status.

Brent:  B+
Jared: B-

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