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Thirsty Thursday: Pitchers

Happy 9th issue of Thirsty Thursday.  Panclog has been having fun adventures. These adventures have taken us away from the beautiful art that is reviewing breakfast spots and sometimes talking about tasty beer. But have no fear.  The Panclog Pals have plenty of articles coming to keep you away from the hot hot sunshine.


I don’t know if you can remember all the way back to our 2nd Thirsty Thursday. Click the link if you don’t immediately remember. Well now that you’ve read it, we can move onto the next portion of “Panclog Drinking Through Baseball.” We have decided to complete the battery.  We are deciding on which pitcher we would like to be tossing to our catcher. But more importantly, we are deciding on which pitcher we would like to have a beer with.

Let’s get to it!

Brent – Whom I would have a beer with – Madison Bumgarner

One would think that his name is Voldemort given how citizens of Kansas City react to hearing his name. This behavior is understandable considering Madison Bumgarner was the only person standing between the Kansas City Royals and winning the 2014 World Series. In that series it seemed the Kansas City Royals had an answer for everything the San Francisco Giants threw at them, except for Madison Bumgarner.

The 2014 Royals electrified Kansas City and showed the country what a great baseball town our fair city is. The Royals’ style of play, never give up attitude, and capitalization on the opponents’ mistakes, while making few of their own, re-inspired a great love for this team. To be a Royals fan up to this season was difficult at times as the team languished in the cellar year after year. But watching the 2014 Royals make comeback after comeback allowed our people to hold so strongly to hope like it hadn’t done in years.

And then came Bumgarner. The Giants pitcher was stellar throughout the series. He looked unbeatable every time he stepped to the rubber; quite frankly, he was unbeatable. Bumgarner himself was the one who crushed the hopes and dreams of every Kansas City fan.

Normally a starting pitcher, Bumgarner took the mound as a reliever in the fifth inning of game 7 to protect a one run lead. Doing so on only two days’ rest. He gave up a hit to Omar Infante in the 5th inning, but was lights out the rest of the way. Well at least until the 9th inning when Alex Gordon took the plate with 2 outs. Why not watch what happened in the at bat. When this play occurred I was absolutely certain the Royals would win the game. Absolutely certain. The Royals seemed to pull out wins on plays like this throughout the year and especially in the post season. But as I am sure you have guessed, the Royals did not win this game.

Bumgarner, an excellent pitcher, and an outstanding one on this particular night, threw 6 high and inside fastballs to Salvador Perez. Perez, on that 6th pitch, popped out to the 3rd baseman Pablo Sandoval, earning Bumgarner the longest save in World Series history. I remember it being a painful moment watching Alex Gordon stare at home plate just 90 feet away and thinking what if.

The Royals would go on to win the 2015 World Series in dramatic fashion the following year. I cannot explain how elated I was watching this series. Here are some highlights from 2015 World Series Game 5. What made game 5 in this series so great, is that Mets pitcher, Matt Harvey, looked unbeatable himself, up until the 9th inning. Then the Royals worked their magic.

I know what you are thinking though. Why in the world would you invite Madison Bumgarner out for a beer when he thoroughly crushed your hopes whenever he took the mound? The reason is simple, during the 2014 World Series Madison Bumgarner demonstrated true excellence on the field of play. I would like to talk to him about that and how it felt. I would like to know how much work and practice he puts in to his chosen career that makes him one of the top pitchers in the majors. Most importantly, I would like to raise a glass to him. Madison beat the Royals fair and square, and he has earned every accolade he has received.

The beer I would like to share with him is one I recently discovered on a business trip to Seattle, WA. When travelling I like to sample what the local breweries have to offer and on this trip I made it over to Pike Brewing. Whilst there I sampled much of what they have, but I think the one I enjoyed the most is the Pike Place Ale.
The Pike Place is a pale ale with a lot of citrus like overtones to the beer. The drink has a cool and crisp flavor that clears the palate quickly. The flavor is refreshing and pleasant throughout, and I am eager to have one again.

Jared – Whom I would have a beer with – Bartolo Colón

Baseball is America’s pastime.  Do you know why? It is due to the fact that seemingly anyone can do it.  I will absolutely agree that hitting a baseball well is one of the hardest things in sports.  But the basics of baseball are something that almost anyone can handle.  Playing toss with friends is the core of the beauty of the game.  This idea that anyone can play this fantastic game is the reason why I chose my favorite pitcher, Bartolo Colón



Bartolo Colón has an amazing nickname.  Big Sexy. Don’t you wanna be friends with someone who has earned that nickname? But before you do anything else, watch this beautiful highlight of Bartolo making an athletic out.

Bartolo isn’t just a nice, thick man with a lot of personality.  He is a Cy Young award winner.  Bartolo won the award in 2005 while pitching for the then Anaheim Angels. He went 21-8 that year with a 3.48 ERA.  He is the last active player that was on the Montreal Expos. The Expos relocated to Washington D.C. in 2004.  Bartolo is truly a fun and lovable guy to have in the dugout.

Bartolo ‘Big Sexy’ Colón became a fan favorite while with the New York Mets.  He seemed to allow his personality to come out more.  This led to his Mets teammate, Noah Syndergaard, celebrating Bartolo resigning with his team by buying his whole family Big Sexy t-shirts.
If anyone wanted to get me that shirt.  I would smile and do one of Bartolo’s most famous celebrations.

With all the fun things Bartolo has done. He does have some real flaws about him.  He was suspended for 50 games in 2012 for synthetic testosterone.  He was also sued for failure to pay child support by a 2nd family.  I am not here to promote cheating in games nor in marriages.  I simply believe Bartolo would tell a heck of a story over a beer.

Bartolo was recently signed by the Minnesota Twins organization.  Because of this fact I chose a Minnesota based beer to share.  I have chosen Brau Brothers Brewing Co.  I have been slowly dipping my feet into the very deep and rich waters that is Scotch whisky.  I love a rich smoky and mossy scotch. Isn’t it interesting that the Canadians, Scottish, and Japanese all spell whisky without the E.  I don’t know why. But I know that’s how it is done. So when I saw a peated scotch ale in my Beer Book Club package I get each month, I instantly knew that it would be in my mouth very soon.
peat  Bancreagie Peated Scotch Ale is a lovely scotch ale that is incredibly drinkable compared to other scotch ales on the market.  I get small hints of the peat moss.  But I do not get the smokiness that comes with a scotch whisky.  Bancreagie is a strong beer that comes in at 7.8% ABV.  I would absolutely love to try more of Brau Brothers’ brews. I truly hope that Bartolo is successful with the Minnesota Twins.  I’d love to see the oldest active pitcher in the game continue to make people happy.

And yes I did take that incredible picture of my beer.

Who would you like to have a beer with? What beer would you drink with them?

Let us know at our Twitters: Panclog, Jared, and Brent.


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