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Panclog #4: Pancake City

Kirksville’s Coolest

Pancake City
July 1st, 2012 8:40 AM

First off I should apologize to the fine readers of the Panclog.  Stephen and I have been busy and forgot what is truly important in life; Pancakes.  I hope this post finds you in a great place in your life.

If you know where Kirksville, Missouri is you know that the activities of the town is somewhat limited.  This is why whenever I am near to this quaint little village, I am bound to end up in the diner that is perfectly named, Pancake City.  My wife was the one who introduced me to Pancake City.  We go back to see her family whenever we can.

Pancake City is a 24 hour(ish) diner in Kirksville, MO. Their address is 2101 N. Baltimore Street Kirksville, MO 63501. I said 24 hours(ish) because 2 years ago they started closing Sunday nights. They close on Sundays at 9 PM and open again at 6AM on Monday.  Pancake City is a food staple of students of Truman State University. You can find additional information and GAMES on Pancake City’s website.

Location/Environment: Pancake City is located on Kirksville’s main street, Baltimore, in the North-side of town.  It is very easy to find and they have their own parking lot.  Pancake City is a seat-yourself type diner. The restaurant was not busy at all.  It was early enough on Sunday that we did not see any of the After- Church Rush.

Service: Pancake City was opened in 1983.  They wanted a home-away-from-home feel to their restaurant.  All of the guests seem to be known by the wait staff.  The staff was very helpful to my quest to find the best pancakes. Nobody was overly friendly but did a good job at making us feel welcome. Pancake City also has Free WiFi!  This makes my little heart so very happy.  I am poor, therefore I do not have a smartphone.  But I use WiFi whenever I can.  During the meal the waitress came to our table and said “Is everything delicious?”  Yes, yes it was.

Wait time for food: 8 Minutes

Menu/Selection: Pancake City’s menu boasts an impressive 9 varieties of pancakes. They also have All-You-Can-Eat Spaghetti on Mondays and All-You-Can-Eat Shrimp on Tuesdays between 5-9 PM.  Pancake City uses a “California Menu” which means they will make anything on the menu at anytime during the day.  They have something for every meal time.


Platter of Peanut Butter Cakes

These Pancakes are made just the way I like them, with the ingredients insidethe batter.  This Platter (short for 3 pancakes) was made with peanut butter chips. The pancakes were approximately 6″ in diameter. They were served with 3 single servings of whipped vegetable oil.  This is very similar to butter, but is supposedly better for you due to the lack of chunky fat cells.  These pancakes were very thick. Everyone knows once you add syrup to these tasty treats they become even more thick.  They were so rich and hearty that your stomach hoot and hollered with excitement but quickly urged you to cease your delicious ways. I hope you like your syrup maple-y. Because that is all that Pancake City carries.

Price: Priced at $5.89, these pancakes, being as thick as they are, were fairly priced. At Pancake City you pay at the front of the restaurant.  This is common practice at diners.  Whilst paying you will most likely notice the wall of Pancake City merchandise.  This caught my eye as you can see in the picture of me outside this nice establishment.  Their merch includes 2 different style hats, a shirt, and a visor!

Overall: After trying many different breakfast hubs, I would strongly suggest going to Pancake City when near Kirksville, MO.  How many people can say that they have been to the City of Pancakes?  That is just a selling point in and of itself.  Pancake City holds up well against other small town diners I have been to. Pancake City contains everything that you would see in a 24 hour(ish) diner in a small town.  They have the nice grime of an old building and a handful of guests who seem quite belligerent to outsiders.

Grade: B

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