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Thirsty Thursday: Podcast Personalities

Welcome to the 8th edition of Panclog’s very own Thirsty Thursday.  The great island nation of Panclog has decided to throw our support behind the TryPod movement by choosing some podcasting personalities that we would want to share a beer with.

Podcasts are episodic audio series that can be downloaded and played on your smart phones or mp3 players if you still have one of those.  You will find not only an amazing article about cool people who do podcasts that we want to drink beers but also some suggestions of podcasts that the Panclog pals recommend.

Check out TryPod’s website. Let’s get into the article to end March with a big smile.


Jared – Whom I Would Have a Beer With – Bill Simmons (The Bill Simmons Podcast)

Podcasts have been a big part of my life for a little over a year and a half.  I listen to them where ever I am be that: the car, the gym, the home, the work, the grocery store, the Earth.  It is the greatest way to spend some time with a socially acceptable voices in your head.  Once you follow a podcast for a couple episodes, you will begin to feel a weird bond with the people involved with said podcast.  You may begin to call them your friends that don’t communicate super well.

I had a lot of trouble deciding on which podcast personality that I would be writing about.  I really think that I could write about 8 of these Thirsty Thursday articles, all about the podcasts that I love. I began with the most stereotypical choice for me, Tyler Marchant.  Tyler started the first Adam Sandler podcast that discussed Sandler’s oeuvre in chronological order.  It’s real fun.  The Adam Sandcast. Check it out.

I then began to debate if I should write about my first and longest podcast love, Scott Aukerman. Scott Aukerman hosts Comedy Bang Bang. CBB is an incredible mix of talk show and improv show.  I can not recommend this podcast any higher.  I believe CBB to be the greatest comedy podcast around.

Then there is one of the most intriguing minds in podcasts, Alex Blumberg.  Blumberg created one of the finest podcast networks in Gimlet Media.  They have plenty of great shows but my favorites would have to be StartUp (featuring Blumberg himself), Science Vs., and Reply All.

I have plenty of  more recommendations that you can definitely get out of me if you see me out and about.  Ask me while I’m buying cereal and almond milk at the grocery store.

After so much debate, I have decided to share a beer with the wonderful, Bill Simmons.


Bill Simmons is one of the greatest sports writers of my generation.  He is an unabashed homer for his hometown of Boston.  This creates some interesting moments when he breaks down his favorite teams and acts like he is on the team.  I enjoy this aspect of Bill because it makes him more of a “Man of the people.” I can say with all certainty that I always talk like I am an integral part of all of my teams.

Bill is always a great listen because you can tell that he believes all of his takes, sports or not. This is seemingly untrue with a lot of the sports personalities in the world today.  Bill also loves his friends.  He has a good rotation of guests on his podcast. You can really tell that he cares about each of them very much.  Bill used to work at ESPN, but had a bad falling out and he created The Ringer podcast network with help from HBO.  I listen to 3 different podcasts from his network.  They are all run by seemingly good people.  I am impressed by Mr. Simmons ability to curate a staff of smart and interesting individuals.

My recommendation of an episode from The Bill Simmons Podcast would be the interview with Golden States Warriors superstar Kevin Durant.  Bill Simmons was able to get KD to speak candidly about life in the league.  I enjoyed it quite much.  Click on over here to give it a listen.

The beer I have paired with Bill Simmons is going to be Boston’s own Harpoon Brewery. More specifically, Harpoon’s Take 5.

Take 5 is a session IPA. Session IPAs tend to be lower ABV and lower IBUs compared to other IPAs.  The Take 5 has an ABV of 4.3%.  It has a lovely citrus-forward taste and aroma.  I think this beer will be perfect to drink and watch sports while having deep conversations during the commercials.

Brent – Whom I would have a beer with – Car Talk Guys

40 years ago a Boston radio station, WBUR, thought, it would be wise to develop a call-in radio show featuring a panel auto mechanics to help folks with their car repairs. Several mechanics were contacted but only one showed up, Tom Magliozzi. Performing well, Mr. Magliozzi was invited back and he brought his younger brother, Ray Magliozzi, in tow.


Surprisingly, this show blossomed into a remarkable career for the brothers, spanning from 1977 to October of 2012, when they retired. Ray and Tom continued their day jobs as mechanics, but they also continued to work on the show week after week, and year after year. They accomplished this feet by assembling an expert knowledge of cars, friendly voices, a penchant for laughing, self-deprecating humor, and a genuine concern and care for their callers. Listening to the show always brings a smile and an easy way to pass an hour.

The show contained many recurring features. One of my favorites being the “Puzzler”. I did not have a prayer of answering any car-related puzzler, but I did have a chance at the language, mathematical, or historical puzzles. One puzzler in particular I remember was phrased something like the following:

Eight folks are at a party and they are getting ready to serve the cake. Out comes the plates, forks, and a knife to cut the cake. Now, all the partygoers want an equal share of that cake. Using only three cuts, how can the cake be divided into eight equal pieces?

I suspect you all know the answer to this question. However, I remember hearing this Puzzler as a child, roughly seven or eight years old. My father happened to be driving me somewhere when the Puzzler was announced on the radio and he asked if I knew the answer. After a little bit of thought I came up with the answer, and saw a smile creep across my father’s face.

It has been a pleasure to listen to the Car Talk program off and on over the years. Unfortunately, the program usually aired on Saturday mornings in the areas I lived. Far too often, getting up to listen to the radio was too great a challenge. Thankfully, NPR began to publish the weekly Car Talk radio show as a podcast, available for downloading soon after that week’s show aired. This allowed me to download the show to my phone and listen at my leisure.

Listening to Tom and Ray provided me great joy and, on occasion, imparted some knowledge to me about cars. More importantly, they provided me the confidence to attempt my own car repairs occasionally. I am getting somewhat decent at changing brakes by the way.

While Car Talk is the first podcast I discovered, I do listen to many others. If you are curious, here is my current list:

1. Car Talk (NPR)

2. Ask Me Another (NPR) – it is a weekly quiz show hosted by Ophira Esienberg and Jonathan Coulton.

3. The Loh Life (NPR) – a very short podcast about the life of Sandra Tsing Loh

4. Doug Loves Movies – a comedic podcast show about movies hosted by Doug Benson

5. Wait Wait.. Don’t Tell Me (NPR) – another weekly quiz show hosted by Peter Sagal

If you have any great suggestions, I would like to know. I prefer podcasts that are comedic and do not necessarily require listening to every episode to keep up with the material.

Getting back to the point of this blog, I would very much enjoy sharing a beer with Ray Magliozzi. He seems like a genuine and friendly person with a lot of experiences and stories to share. The beer I would like to share is the American Kolsch by Boulevard Brewing Company.

The beer has that classic golden color most people expect from a beer and has a comforting aroma. The beer feels light and uncomplicated as you drink it with a kind of citrusy kick to it.  There is not anything challenging about drinking this one and it makes for an easy backdrop to a long afternoon conversation.

Who would you like to have a beer with? What beer would you drink with them?

Let us know at our Twitters: Panclog, Jared, and Brent.

Thirsty Thursday: Singer-Songwriters

Happy Thursday to the thirstiest of readers.  This is the 4th edition of this fine editorial.  If you haven’t read the other three, I should probably catch you up.  The boys of Panclog choose a human they would like to have a beer with and then we choose a beer that pairs well with that humans essence.  We didn’t post last week due to the lovely food holiday of Thanksgiving.  Did you have any beers with interesting people?

There will be a new Panclog on Tuesday! No, this is not a December Fool’s Day prank.  It will be reviewing a restaurant that is less than 3 months old. Be excited. Set your alarms.

Here we go. Which singer-songwriters do the Panclog Pals want to have beers with?


Jared – Whom I would have a beer with – Paul Baribeau

September 2008, Driving around the rough streets of Overland Park, Kansas with me newest friend, Matt. The late summer heat is finally starting to give way to the slightly chilly breeze of fall.  The windows down, the music up.  The CD ends and with all of the style in the world, Matt hands me a compact disc that will blow up my very fragile understanding of “indie” music.  The CD contains bands like Andrew Jackson Jihad, Tom Waits and Paul Baribeau.


Paul Baribeau struck me instantly. His simple acoustic guitar backed poetry is just what you need when your world is changing from the safety and security of high school to the open and friendless space that college begins as.  Paul’s lyrics can bring you to laughter or break you into tears. Paul has written songs that perfectly encapsulate the youngest of loves. Strawberry is one of the most romantic songs that I have ever heard. Give it a gander in this best fashion you can, a lyric video.  Paul Baribeau has given me great advice like “Hard work helps the time go by.”and “Name 10 things you want to do before you die and then go do them.”

Sadly, Paul Baribeau’s last released album was in 2010.  The last song on that album is called Wild Eyes and is all about reckless love and loss.  Pretty exciting. I don’t want you to be sad because, Paul still releases music.  it is just different.  He releases some delicious new age music with guitar mixed into it.  It will make you want to hold hands and get things done. He releases this music under the name New Boy.

The beer I selected to share with Paul Baribeau is none other than a beer I brewed on my own.  Why not drink something home brewed to share with someone who creates their own music?


Kelly Bripa is a beer. That is all I have to say about it.  I brewed this beer as a gift for my best friends’ wedding.  I made this recipe as an ode to their relationship.  In fact they both have been guest writers on this fine Panclog.   He loves dark beers and she loves IPAs.  I put these two styles in the best way I knew how.  It turned out very well.  The crowd loved it.  I brew under the name Trestache Brewing with all of my friends help.  Hit me up on Twitter and we can brew and drink our creation.

You can follow Paul Baribeau on his tumblr.

Brent – Whom I would have a beer with – Tom Petty

When listening to music very rarely am I able to equate the song with the artist. Asking me who sang such and such song will only lead to a dead end. This deficiency in my knowledge was most recently demonstrated when someone asked me what band wrote and performed “Come, Sail Away.” I can’t remember what my answer was, but it was certainly not Styx. The only reason that I know it is Styx now is that I just looked it up on Wikipedia.

So when confronted with the suggestion of favorite singer/songwriter for this column I was kind of at a loss. I like almost all music and musical genres, but since I would find it difficult to determine which artist belonged to which catalog, how could I fairly say that person is my favorite. Performing a quick scan of the stations I have setup on Pandora only yields more confusion. I pick artists for the shuffle play because I know they belong to a genre of music I enjoy listening too. A quick sampling of the list of stations I have setup includes, Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast), Lisa Loeb, The Roots, Straight No Chaser, Bettye Lavette, Green Day, Wicked, The B-52s, Hootie & The Blowfish, Frank Sinatra, A Tribe Called Quest, The Piano Guys, Wynton Marsalis, etc.

I soon realized that I was going to have to dig deep on this one. So I thought back to my teenage years, the age when music seems to capture people more tightly than any other. In 1989, when I was 15, Tom Petty released “Full Moon Fever”, a solo album. The album took off pretty quickly and peaked at number 3 on the US Billboard 200 list. Following my siblings and friends, whom were all avid watchers of music videos, I quickly discovered Runnin’ Down a Dream. The video caught my eye way before music actually did because of the surrealist animation. However, it didn’t take long for my appreciation of this song and his music to grow. A couple years later Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers released “Into the Great Wide Open”, an album I truly enjoy from beginning to end, cementing Mr. Petty as one of my favorite artists.

2013 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival - Day 4

In any case, Tom Petty is an artist whose music I know, well almost. It is a good thing that I know Jared, because he knows all the music, and can correctly steer me in regard to music trivia.

There seems to be a slow, easy drawl through all of Tom Petty’s music, with a strong emphasis on the lyric. That isn’t to say that the music is over powered by the words. Mr. Petty seems to be able to consistently balance the two threads of music and lyric. Throughout the bulk of his music there is a bluesy quality that permeates, of which I am a fan.

Playing his music in the background while working helps push the day along. Earlier this afternoon listening to “Learning to Fly” powered me through a rather complex SQL query and “Out in the Cold” delivered on the application of some JQuery validations for a web application. I am certain Mr. Petty would be pleased with this outcome.

The beer that I would like to share with Mr. Petty is Boulevard’s Bourbon Barrel Quad (BBQ).

I find that the flavor of the BBQ is very deep, and rich overall. However, I do find the initial sip unexpectedly sweet. The beer finishes clean and clear with very little aftertaste. If you focus on what you are tasting you can get hints of vanilla and cherries. According to Boulevard’s website, this shouldn’t be a surprise. Also, it is probably only due to the power of suggestion in the name of the brew, but I do think I can taste the Bourbon from the barrels. If this is true, and it is only suggestion, don’t tell me, I like it the way it is. BBQ, in my opinion, is unique across the rest of Boulevard’s offerings and it is one of my favorites.

Who would you like to have a beer with? What beer would you drink with them?

Let us know at our Twitters: Panclog, Jared, and Brent.


Thirsty Thursday: Authors

Welcome to Panclog’s Thirsty Thursday Episode III: Return of the writing about people we want to have a beer with.  It is a long name,  but I really believe in a title that makes sure you know what you are getting into.

This was a fun week for the Panclog crew.  We released the latest review on Tuesday. It was all about The Wooden Spoon.  Make sure you check that out if you have not yet.  Thursdays are a fun time for us. We love to chat about new beers and amazing people that would be fun to hang out with.

Let us get into it. Enjoy.


BRENTLES – Whom I would have a beer with – Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore is one of only a couple authors writing today that I actively seek out and purchase sight unseen. He currently has 15.5 published novels all of which I have read and own. (Well except for that 0.5 which is a reprint of “The Stupidest Angel” that has some extra content). I so enjoy his books that I have read each multiple times and recommend them to others.

His work is comedic, paced evenly, with lots of action, and is well researched. Most of his novels touch on the horror genre, although I would not characterize them as scary. There are moments in his books that seem fresh and new and can only be described as delightfully weird. One example is the god of a cargo cult being unable to bluff Jesus in a game of poker.

Titles like “Bloodsucking Fiends, a Love Story”, “Island of the Sequined Love Nun”, “The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove”, and “The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror”, provide a clear picture of what the reader can expect in the pages. Christopher’s books have consistently given me over to audible laughter, and sometimes true shock; which has caused me to stop reading and set the book aside because I was wholly unprepared for what happened on the pages. “Island of the Sequined Love Nun” even inspired me to write a college paper on cargo cults for a religion class.

I was introduced to Christopher Moore’s book  21 years ago by a gentleman named My Friend Mike. My Friend Mike is an interesting cat to whom I am eternally grateful, and indebted to for letting me borrow “Bloodsucking Fiends”. I remember starting the book with very low expectations as most books about vampires just aren’t good (Bram Stroker’s excluded). From the first chapter I realized I was reading something truly unique. After burning through “Bloodsucking Fiends”, I moved on to the other two books available at the time, “Coyote Blue”, and “Practical Demonkeeping”. Both were just as interesting and fun to read. Subsequent books have delivered on his unique style.

Mr. Moore has consistently turned out books every 1 to 3 years since 1992. Which makes me think we should be due another one in 2017. Some of the content in his books can be challenging so I have always recommended reading “Bloodsucking Fiends” first as it seems to have the lightest content overall. However, with the release of “A Dirty Job” in 2006, I changed that advice.

“A Dirty Job” is probably my favorite book that he has written. The book is entertaining and heartfelt throughout, while avoiding being overly sentimental. The book also possesses all of Moore’s trademarks and, in my opinion, executes those trademarks most effectively. If you haven’t read any of his books, this is the one to start with.

The beer that I would like pair up with him is a sour beer from Boulevard Brewing Co called Love Child. Details from their website concerning Love Child No. 7 suggest it is a return to a Flanders-style red base beer. The beer does have a reddish color, along with a pungent aroma. The first sip is striking. The only way I can describe it is that it is like drinking a Warheads sour candy. Needless to say it is not for the faint of heart.

Actually, the beer seems to soften with exposure to air and the initial tartness begins to wane. That or you just get used to it. Once the flavor has softened though, the beer is good, albeit, it doesn’t taste like one. The reason that I would like to share the Love Child No. 7 with Christopher Moore is that the beer brings an experience that is unexpected, just like Moore’s novels. It would be nice to chat with Mr. Moore over this beverage and discuss his books and the art of writing.

JARED – Author I want to have a beer with – Chuck Palahniuk

I am not known as a savvy reader.  I very rarely find myself entrenched in a book.  This is a trait of my impatience to sit in silence and enjoy some paper in my hands.  There is only one author that has kept my attention through many books.  This author would be Chuck Palahniuk. Choosing Chuck Palahniuk was not a tough decision in the slightest.  He is a different type of author than I have ever experienced. He builds characters and worlds that are nearly seamless.

If you only know Chuck’s name because of Fight Club. I must tell you that you are only at the beginning of his works.  He has written so much more than the epic Tyler Durden.  He has written 18 novels and many other pieces of short fiction stories and even a couple of non-fiction books. I have been a big fan of Chuck ever since one of my Omahomies, Cori, gave me a copy of Survivor to read.  Oh you want to know what the fudge an Omahomie is? It is what I call my friends from the city of Omaha, NE.  Yeah I try to be cool and original. Cori and I wrote literal letters to each other about Chuck. I can not thank Cori enough for introducing me into an author that opened up more literature.

Survivor is about the last surviving member of a cult that committed mass suicide. Dark? You bet. It is more than a simple dark story.  It talks about pop culture and how our media loves tragedy. Chuck does an incredible job getting into the head of the antihero.

Chuck Palahniuk recently released a sequel of Fight Club as a graphic novel. He wrote it with some of the greatest comic writers of the day. And the art was brilliantly done by Cameron Stewart. This novel was released in 10 issues through Dark Horse Comics.  This was a big deal for me.  I am a big fan of comics. So when you put my favorite author with one of my favorite hobbies, I become ecstatic. Fight Club 2 is awesome. Come on over and we can read them together like when we were 8.  Yeah I am talking to you.  Come over.    I implore you to try to find any work of Chuck’s and sit down and enjoy.

I have chosen to share Dogfish Head’s Palo Santo Marron. I chose this beer because it is strong, dark, and interesting. Just like Chuck Palahniuk’s books.

Palo Santo Marron is described as an unfiltered, unfettered, unprecedented brown ale aged in handmade Palo Santo brewing vessels.  This beer comes in at 12% ABV.  It has amazing vanilla and caramel noted from the wood. Palo Santo is an exotic wood from Paraguay.  It adds a lovely tone and smoothness to the beer. Wood is awesome.

Dogfish Head is one of my top 5 breweries I know. They are known to constantly challenge the rules of beer. Like what ingredients are allowed, or can they even compete with Big Beer? They even released a beer with  scrapple in it. That’s a pork product! WHAT!?

Just like Dogfish Head, Chuck Palahniuk changes the game by writing a coloring book.  Yeah. Short stories with amazing pictures that you get to color. Yeah an adult coloring book with stories.  How cool is that? Answer: VERY COOL.

I would love to discuss everything under the sun with Chuck over a nice cool Palo Santo Marron. I think with a nice beer, the conversation comes easier than honey from the bottle on a hot summer day.

Who would you like to have a beer with? What beer would you drink with them?

Let us know at our Twitters: Panclog, Jared, and Brent.


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