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Panclog #48: Rise Southern Biscuits & Righteous Chicken

Panclog has Risen
Prairie Village, KS


As Stringer Bell once said, “I want you to put the word out that we back up“.  He may have been talking about the panclog!

We learned of a new breakfast spot in town that turns out to be one of the up-and-coming lunch spots in the nation according to  Rise Biscuits & Righteous Chicken may be great for lunch, but how is their breakfast?

Rise Biscuits and Righteous Chicken started in 2012 and now has 17 locations and counting.  Read their story on their website.

Location/Environment: The Prairie Village location is located in a nice large strip mall that is perfect for a post breakfast walk and window shopping.  When you take a step into Rise, you are essentially in line.  The restaurant was nice and clean, but a bit cold in feel.  Cold as it does not put off the feeling of “hey relax, stay awhile.”  This is not a bad thing. Simply something of note.


Service: We all love when an employee actually helps with recommendations and give suggestions when you are in between a few options.  We got exactly that at Rise.  Rise is a fast casual restaurant, so we ordered at the front and waited for our food at our table.  The wait was not long at all.

Menu/Selection: The menu is just want you want to see in a specialized restaurant.  A limited menu.  Rise Biscuits and Righteous Chicken had almost only that.  Biscuits and chicken.  I was happy to see that they are not over extending themselves.  The coffee and sodas are self-serve.  This option is nice when you are drinking a lot and do not want to disturb any staff.


Righteous Chicken Sandwich (B-Day Brentley)

On a recent Tuesday I completed another trip around the sun, which is difficult considering I walked most of it. The nice thing though is I have taken this trip enough that I no longer get lost on the way and I don’t have to stop to ask for directions. I don’t even use a GPS for the journey anymore.

At the conclusion of every revolution, I am wont to get a little nostalgic. I opened the Panclog to allow the warmth, positivity, and its general glow wash over me, when I saw something that shook me to the core. Since I cannot bring myself to type/speak the words, let me screenshot it for you:


Two years four months have passed since we have had a fresh clog. How did this happen? Did the cloggers have a falling out? Are the cloggers too involved with fantasy sports? Do they hate breakfast now? Did their respective spouses feel they were getting too close and let feelings of jealousy force a plan to slowly separate our heroes? Is it possible that “Another Broken Egg Café” actually broke breakfast? Every possibility seems implausibly farfetched, and yet, here we are. Sadly, we will never know why this egregious hiatus lasted so long. Like information crossing an event horizon, the answer is lost forever.

Locked in an existential crisis a lifeline is tossed my way. The subtle ringtone of a text message alert catches my right ear.

“Happy birthday Brentley. I love you and hope your day is amazing.” Wait. Not that one. This one, “You free this week for me to take you to breakfast? Next week works as well for me.”

With a few simple words a crack opens in the darkness, and a ray of sunshine dances before me.

In a delightful, lexical coincidence we opted to breakfast at “Rise Southern Biscuits and Righteous Chicken”. Here’s hoping that Rise can pull the Panclog out of the ashes of its current existence and lift it up to the heavens so that it may inspire hope in the hearts of humanity again. No pressure.

Rise is a new and welcome addition to the Kansas City breakfast scene with locations in Prairie Village and Overland Park. We went to the Prairie Village location, which roughly splits the distance between our respective offices. No worries though, the menus at both locations are the same. The menu offers several options to choose from. I selected the “Righteous Chicken” biscuit breakfast sandwich. I mean it is right there in the name.


The righteous chicken is probably their simplest item.  I am a fan this type of menu item because far too often restaurants hide behind a veil of spicy sauces and ranch dressing. Show me you can cook. The righteous chicken is a smallish, seasoned chicken breast resting between two pillowy biscuit halves. The buttery, flaky biscuit was a delight in nearly every bite. Same with the chicken, it was well prepared, juicy with a nice crunch. I did expect the chicken to have more powerful seasoning though. The last few bites ended up dry unfortunately. I will add a pat of butter on the next round.

Jared was kind enough to purchase an apple fritter to share. It was good but not earth-shattering. I would say it is slightly better than what you would get in the donut case at a grocery store. That sounds harsher than I mean it to be.

Their coffee was interesting. When it is fresh from the pot hot, it was good. As it cooled down in the cup the bitterness skyrocketed to an unpleasant degree.

Overall, I would give them a solid B and I hope to return in the not-too-distant future.

Which Came First? Box (Jared)


I am grateful to be writing again.  I had made a few jokes to my counterpart that my hands stopped working, a joke that I had stolen from Bill Simmons.  But we are back. My hands have healed.  The Panclog has risen.

Rise Biscuits & Righteous Chicken is in a nice and tricky spot especially in the breakfast arena.  This location is in a strip mall with 2 other businesses that could steal away some breakfast traffic in French Market and Dolce Bakery. Both of these are panclog-able. (Eyes Emoji)!

I chose to have a bit of the biscuits and a bit of the chicken.  All with some gravy, cheese, and a fried egg. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the food.   It was just a smidge under seasoned in my opinion.  But they did have hot sauce available.  I simply was too enthralled with my conversation with Beamer that I did not get it.  I do wish the fried egg was a little less cooked. I am a fan of some yolky goodness in my biscuits and gravy.  The chicken was a great addition in the biscuit and gravy combo.  

The apple fritter (unpictured) was tasty.  Not great.  A solid version.  I am looking forward to trying another type of their donuts next visit. It is important to enjoy the sweet with the savory.

I would be more than happy to revisit Rise soon. It is good quality food for good prices.

Which Came First? Box $7.75 Coffee $3.00

My recommendation this panclog is to enjoy one of my favorite bands cover one of my favorite songs. The Head & The Heart with Beacon Hill.

Overall: Rise Biscuits & Righteous Chicken will be added to the rotation.  You’ll enjoy this spot with your buddy or solo & on your way to work.

Brent:  B
Jared: B+

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