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Panclog #18: Alternative FlapJacks

These hotcakes are NOT heresy!

The House that Panclog Built.
February 28, 2015 9:00 AM



In support of one of the most sacred holidays in the Söva household, National Pancake Day, I have decided to share with you a very special Panclog.  I would love to tell you about the delicious (spoiler!!!!) pancakes I get at home!

My wife, Megan, recently discovered that she is allergic to a incredible array of different things. (Gluten, Corn, Peanuts, Sweet Potatoes, Salmon.)  With her being the sweet thing that she is, she continues to make breakfast for us when she could easily give up on pancakes and buy some Eggos or some other sad frozen food.

Location/Environment: I really like living in my house.  It is a pretty cool house.  I know where almost everything is except for the hand mixer, duct tape, and the extra stash of toilet paper. I think it feels nice.  It smells like essential oils and food.



Gluten Free Caramel Apple Butter Pancakes with Eggs


Megan has taken her allergy diagnosis in great stride.  It probably helped that she is a chef.  She makes her own gluten-free flour, some fantastic corn syrup-free caramel apple butter, and awesome everything cookies. I am constantly in awe over the skills that my wonderful bride has developed in the kitchen.

Megan made this recipe for Gluten Free Caramel Apple Butter Pancakes with a little help from Pinterest. You can find the recipe to the Caramel Apple Butter HERE!!!!  Pinterest is seemingly an endless supply of fancy recipes, silly jokes, and impossible crafts.  I recommend it if you have a computer or phone and want to waste hours of your life.

These pancakes are some of the most delicious things you will ever have. Because they are gluten-free, these pancakes tend to be pretty dense.  They soak up all of your syrup within a minute.  They also will fill you up quicker than your average flapjack.  I am not complaining about this fact.  I am just noting it for you who are lucky enough to enjoy brunch with us.

Now to the eggs, we usually cook eggs in a wok.  But when we make pancakes we use the griddle, which gives the eggs an incredible fluffy texture.  I should do some research on different ways to cook eggs.  Somebody remind me to do that!

We have begun to use real maple syrup for 2 reasons: 1. Real maple syrup tastes so much better than its artificial counterpart. 2. Fake maple syrup has high fructose corn syrup in it, which Megan cannot have. Try real maple syrup and you will not regret it. Try it! You’ll like it!

Overall: I am incredibly lucky to have married a chef who likes to feed delicious food.  These caramel apple butter pancakes are the best gluten free pancakes I have ever experienced.  I definitely recommend coming over for some breakfast, brunch, or brinner!

Price: Gluten free ingredients are more expensive at first, but are entirely worth it if you or someone you love is gluten-free.

Grade: Can I say anything other than an A+? I wouldn’t even if I could.

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